Parents Are In A Custody Battle For Their Children

Parents in Northern Virginia may not realize it, but they are in a custody battle for their children. The way they vote this November and next year will directly impact their children and shape their lives. 

MoveChamber recently hosted a debate between Virginia 10th district Congressional candidates Hung Cao (R) and Jennifer Wexton (D). It was an ideal venue where constituents from the local Muslim community posed questions to the candidates. 

Wexton supports some of the more extreme radical rules for trans-identifying children, which contradict the new policy drafted by Governor Glenn Youngkin that rescinds the previous Commonwealth policy that guides schools to call upon Child Protective Services should a trans-identifying child’s parents object to the school’s gender-affirming policies. 

On parental rights, Wexton highlighted her experience as a Guardian Ad Litem to illustrate that there are situations where the state knows what is best for a child. As a father, who, through long, arduous court cases, won custody of his oldest daughter, I would have to disagree. Too often, Guardian Ad Litems get it wrong where children can remain in the custody of an abusive party. Too often, Guardian Ad Litems go ‘rogue’ in custody disputes and make egregious errors, where children are taken from their parents and abused. 

Similarly, the policies democrats are pushing to keep parents in the dark about their child’s mental illness is a national trend where school officials encourage young girls to change clothes in front of biological boys and can face punishment if they object. 

On the subject of education, it would have been interesting to hear the candidates expand upon this area. Specifically, I think the Muslim community in attendance would have been quite interested in hearing about the explicit books accessible to their children that promote pederasty, legitimize prostitution, and calls upon children to question their gender identity. This material, reinforced by the Social Emotional Learning curriculums, would have facilitated a lively discussion. 

The subject of parental rights was not Wexton’s only blunder, and she was particularly ignorant of environmental concerns that could impact the Ft. Belvoir community, gun control, the contributions data center revenues bring to our schools, and she was flat out wrong on Thomas Jefferson’s (TJ)  new admissions policy. Ironically, Wexton’s campaign labeled Cao an ‘extremist,’ and not as ‘an American,’ just before she was to appear before a Muslim constituency. Her obvious discomfort in being in the minority in the room last night is an omen of how she and her fellow white liberals, the same ones that colonized the Fairfax NAACP, intend to treat persons of color. 

Parents within the special education space and the black community are well aware that white liberals tend to take over their cultural institutions, arrogating their voices. This is a danger posed by the new far left that judges people by the group they belong to rather than as individuals with unique concerns. . 

Wexton also fails to recognize the problem of activist organizations, such as Pride Liberation Project, that work within public schools to organize student walkouts and now even solicits LGBTQIA+  minors with monetary incentives to run away from home to live with strangers who will affirm their trans identity. 

If parents want to maintain custody of their children and continue to influence their lives, they must send a strong message, just as they did in November 2021. Virginia voters need to elect representatives that demand parents be kept informed and that public officials will be held accountable.

Dr. Harry Jackson is a Parent Advocate at Independent Women’s Network, co-founding member of the Coalition For TJ, and former President of the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology PTSA